I like things to be easy.

I don’t like taking a lot of steps to get one thing done. That’s why I like one-dish cooking. Another way I’ve found to save time in the kitchen is the almighty dry erase board.

I was at the local dollar store one day and I happened to walk past some dry erase boards.  I picked one up, an noticed that it had magnets on the back and a dry erase markers attached! My first thought was, ‘ooooh, I can put this on my refrigerator!’

So, I bought it for a dollar and that has been the best dollar I’ve ever spent!

It now lives on my fridge, and every time I am about to run out of something in my house (toilet paper, mustard, pickles, whatever…) I write it on the dry erase board. When it is time for me to go to the grocery store, my list is already made for me. I don’t have to spend 20 minutes looking through the fridge or the cupboards or my pantry to discover what I need. I already know.

If I am feeling extra-organized, before I go to the store, I will write down the items from the dry erase board onto a piece of paper in the order that I will see them in the store. That makes shopping even quicker. No need to backtrack when the list is in order. But if I am pressed for time and need to get out of the house QUICKLY, I’ll just take a pic of the list with my phone, and refer to the picture when I’m shopping.

Either way, the dry erase board has saved me TONS of time. I highly recommend it!

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