Michelle V. Lowery

I’m Michelle V. Lowery. I provide email management and customer support for women who are CRUSHING IT online.

You’ve  been running your business for a while. And you’re doing great. You’ve got lots of loyal followers who love your digital products, your online courses, and your membership programs. They are HERE FOR YOU.

But they’ve got a lot of questions, too. They’ve forgotten their login info and need it RIGHT AWAY. Or they need an invoice for their purchases, and it needs to have very specific details on it. Or they’re wondering if your X product is right for their Y business.   That’s a lot.

Responding to all those requests and completing those related tasks for your customers and clients takes TIME.  More time than you have in a day.

I’m here to help you with all of that.  I’ll act as your partner and act on your behalf as I handle the burden of your daily email management and customer requests.  You’ll be free to focus on growing your business and making it even more awesome than it already is.

Your customers matter. They are why your business grows.  I understand how important it is to respond to them promptly and engage with them in such a way that they will go from someone who buys your stuff to someone who is a raving fan.


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