Email Management
Customer Support

How many emails do you get each day that sound like this?

  • "Can I get refund?"
  • "I can't find my login info. Can you send it again?
  • "How do I reset my password?"
  • "I forgot to download your digital product. Can you send me the link again?"
  • "I need a proper receipt for my tax records. It has to have my tax ID info on it. Oh, and I I need it by the end of the day."
  • "I need to change my credit card details"
  • "I'd like to cancel my membership."
  • "Can you tell me more about your product/service?"

Is any of this familiar?

  • You feel guilty because of the amount of unanswered emails in your inbox
  • You avoid checking your email because you just can't face that ever-growing number
  • You spend hours at a time trying to get on top of your inbox, which leaves you exhausted and unable to get anything else done in your business
  • Your customers are losing patience waiting for your response... which means you'll soon be losing business

It doesn't have to be this way!

Dealing with your email and responding to your customer service inquiries everyday can take a lot of time. Someone needs their login info, another person would like a copy of their receipt. Other people are requesting a refund.  And some people need special attention.  That's a lot for you to deal with every day.  But it CAN be different...  

Picture This

By letting someone else handle the emails that are NOT essential for you to answer, you'll free yourself up to focus on the big picture of your business.  You'll have the time to create new offers, all the while knowing that you can rest easy... your emails are being answered, the administrative tasks generated by those emails have been completed and your customers are being treated like royalty!

You'll be able to truly help your clients, because I will be helping YOU.

How I Can Help

I'm here to act as a partner in your business, ensuring your customers receive prompt attention, freeing you to focus on your zone of genius... uninterrupted.

I'll respond to your customers in a friendly and professional manner and complete all administrative tasks related to the emails that sound like this... "I need my login details", "I need to reset my password", "I never got my download", etc etc.  If you offer refunds, I can process those for you as well.

I'll sort alllll those newsletters you've subscribed to over the years into their own folder. You can read them when you have a minute (haha!).

I'll also create a special folder just for you, and give you the emails that we've decided only you can answer. 

I’ve got years of customer service experience and a penchant for all things organization. My goal is to free your time and give you peace of mind so you can focus on the big picture of your business.

You've worked hard to get to where you are. My goal is to help you succeed even further.

Let me help you get out of your inbox and into your business.