What Romper Room Taught Me About Great Customer Service

What Romper Room Taught Me About Great Cutomer Service

When I was very young, I loved watching the TV show Romper Room. (If you’re not familiar with the show, it was basically a nursery school class on TV. Nothing high tech in those days, but it was AWESOME!)

My favorite part of the show was at the end when Miss Sally would hold up her magic mirror and cast this spell over all of us…

Romper bomper stomper boo

Tell me, tell me, tell me do

Magic mirror, tell me today

Did all my friends have fun at play?

All my friends had fun today!

Then the magic happened… she’d look through the mirror and tell us who she saw watching the show in TV land…

I see Brian, I see Jennifer, I see Olivia…

This part of the show always had me transfixed. I would stand in front of the TV, day after day, and wait for her to call my name.

Finally one day she did.

I see Suzie, I see Henry, I see Michelle…

SHE SAW ME!!!!!!! My 4 year old self could barely contain all that excitement.

I. Freaked. Out!

I remember specifically running as fast as I could from the living room to the kitchen, screaming at the top of my lungs… SHE SAW ME!!!!

It was the best feeling in the world and I’ve never forgotten it.

So, what does Romper Room have to do with customer service?

Customer service isn’t just responding to complaints or putting out fires. Great customer service is all about building a connection with your customers and clients.

The thing that made my Romper Room moment so powerful was that I felt SEEN. I was acknowledged. I was present and accounted for by someone I looked up to, and it felt WONDERFUL.

I still love it when I watch someone do a live video on Facebook or Instagram and they say hello by name to the people (me) joining their live stream. It catches people’s interest and entices them to stay and see what’s going on.

Are you doing that for your customers and clients? Do you see them? Do you respond when they reach out?

Think about this… have you ever emailed a company or a service provider to let them know that you liked their latest offering? Did they email you back? How did that feel?

Amazing, right? You were seen and acknowledged. And it felt great!

Make your followers feel seen and appreciated

When your clients, customers, and followers reach out to you just to say, “hey, I liked this” or “thanks for sharing that”… do you respond?

If you’re not doing that yet, it’s time to start. No matter how short their message is to you, I promise that if you start responding to your customers and clients, even if it’s just to say “hey, thanks for letting me know. I really appreciate that!”… you’ll turn them into raving fans.

Acknowledge your followers. Show them your appreciation. Let them know that YOU SEE THEM. If they know that you see them, they will want to see you. And that will make all the difference.