Save Time Using Sticky Notes

Save Time Using Sticky Notes

How many times have you been in the middle of a project and suddenly needed to stop, or just wanted to step away, but you don’t because you don’t want to lose your place?

Or you stop for the day, and come back to it the next day… but it takes you WAY to long to figure out where you left off. By the time you figure out where you were, you’re “over it” and ready to be done for the day. That’s no way to get things done.

What can you do?

You could write yourself a note on a piece of paper, but that could lead to a stack of scrap paper that you have to wade through each time you get an idea or want to leave yourself a reminder.

That stops now.

An easy solution is to use the Sticky Notes app on your computer. It’s easy to install and is SO easy to use, without being a distraction to your work. The sticky notes look like regular Post-it®Notes, but they are digital and can be positioned anywhere on your computer screen.  You can even pick what color you want.

Now when you have a great idea, or want to leave a note for yourself for later, you can do so in an neat and easy manner.  The Sticky Notes have played a HUGE part in my productivity game.

Check them out, you’ll be happy you did!

Save time using sticky notes

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